Photo Book

Photo Book: FINAL


I thoroughly enjoyed making this Photo Book. It is very therapeutic and enjoyable to look through all of my images taken throughout this semester. I wanted my background to be simple so that we wouldn’t be distracted away from the photographs. I went with a rectangle theme. For the background of every page I chose to use the image of the ceiling of the porch at hotel mead. I loved the texture of it. For the cover I displayed my name similar to what I use for my business pages.

I’ve learned so much in this class and my love for photography is back. This photobook will be used as a portfolio to show to my clients. For the majority of my assignments this semester I used people as the subjects. Instead of dividing them all up into different blog posts I put them all into a big portrait category. My photobook has five categories Flora & Fauna (which also contains some of my past photo’s, cut outs, edge effect and color study) portraits (camera raw and flexible edits) Bannack, masking, and light painting. I’ve learned so much from this class and will continue to use it in my life.


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